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Taylor Vets Puppy & Dog Training Programme


Welcome to the Taylor Vets Puppy & Dog Training Programme!                      

Give yourself a pat on the back for finding your way to these pages and being the sort of owner your dog deserves.

From the moment your puppy enters your family they are learning and you are teaching. We are here to help.                                                               

House training, pulling on the lead, chewing, biting and not being able to stay home alone are common problems - all of these can best be addressed in the first 18 weeks of your dog's life but it is never too late to become a great teacher to your dog.

Taylor Vets provides creative and effective puppy and dog learning in the form of classes, workshops and private consultations for dogs aged 8 weeks upwards. Clare Russell is one of Scotland's most experienced dog behaviour therapists and she and her team continually update their learning.

Tell me more about training and learning opportunities -

We can start training you and your pup one week after puppy has received their first vaccination, provided your puppy has not been mixing with unvaccinated dogs. Classes don't always fit in with a busy lifestyle and family commitments so you may benefit from attending one of of our Puppy Clinics or a private consultation/lesson within the Practice.

Where are classes held?

Classes for very young puppies are held at our training room in our East Kilbride surgery - please call or email to find out when the next 3 week block is starting.

Private training is also available for older puppies and adult dogs at East Kilbride

CLASSES FOR OLDER PUPS AND DOGS are currently running at Newton Mearns.

Click Here to download a map to the Scout Hall in Newton Mearns.

Do I need to be registered with Taylor Vets?

NO - everyone is welcome. 

How many weeks?

Each course for the very young pups lasts for 3 weeks - meeting for one hour each week. Courses, workshops and classes for older dogs vary depending on the subject - contact us with your training needs and we will advise on the most suitable training opportunity.

How many pups in the class?

There will be a maximum of 3 pups in our East Kilbride Practice class. We keep the classes small to ensure we have time to deal with each pup individually and deliver advice specifically for you and your dog. 

Question time takes place during each class and support between classes is available in the form of email or by joining our Facebook Dog Training Group.

Dog handling spaces are available in our classes for older pups and dogs, but we also offer spectator spaces at a reduced rate.

How much does a course cost?

All classes are charged at £15 per hour - if you are a member of our Healthcare Plan then your 10% discount applies to classes. 

Once you have booked and paid for a block of classes we are unable to offer refunds for missed classes unless we can resell your space before the first lesson of each block. If your dog is unwell please come to class without your dog - the classes build one onto the other and you will continue to learn whilst being able to practice at home once your dog feels better. On the vary rare occasions we may cancel or postpone a class an alternative class will be provided. See our cancellation policy for full details.

Private training and behaviour consultation charges vary depending on the needs of the dog - please contact us for more details.

What will we learn?

Our classes are tailored to the individual learning team of dog and owner - no two dogs are the same and every home environment is different - we do not offer 'training recipes' or a 'one size fits all' solution. We listen to what you most want to get out of the classes and offer support between classes if you need it. 

Our training is creative, gentle and works on the principles of reinforcement.

For the latest class dates and times and to discuss your training needs - email Clare Rose or call 0141 631 5293

Please remember our classes are very popular - your place is not 100% secure until we have received payment.

On occasions it may become apparent that our classroom is not suitable for your dog - in this case we will provide private training to the value of your class.

A few quick questions to get you started!

Many people purchase full breed working dogs - these dogs have been bred over many generations to display certain characteristics that make them useful to us when we are hunting, tracking or herding. Unfortunately for the dog we don't often take part in these activities any longer and the behaviours that were once so useful have become a nuisance*.

Question 1 : What job was your puppy bred to do - if you have a cross breed you might be able to see which behaviours from which breed are more dominant.

Diet and nutrition are extremely important for a puppy - Royal Canin is a 'super premium' food that will provide your puppy with the nutrients they need to thrive. However, it is often useful to have 'treats' for training -

Question 2 : Which 'treats' does your dog find most reinforcing? Some hints - cheese, sausage, hot dog, chicken

Always give a very tiny piece of any new food - sudden diet changes can lead to tummy upsets which can be dangerous in a young dog. 

Going out and about with a new puppy is very reinforcing for new owners but not always the case for a dog - the old advice said 'socialise, socialise, socialise' but we now know more and this isn't correct for all dogs - if your pup is shy and nervous they need you to protect them from strange people and dogs. It is very common for young dogs not to walk on the lead and is easily sorted - give us a call or drop an email to

Question 3 : What does your dog like most about going outside? Which side do they prefer to walk or have you purchased a breed that likes to circle you?

*At class we can show you indvidual games that help your dog exercise their natural instincts, there are also videos available on the class support facebook pages.